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Autonomous Courses  

Certificate Course in Web Programming


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Course Description 

Introduction to WWW, Web publishing, Web Hosting


Tags, lists, tables, Frames, image and DHTML

VB script

Data Types, Operators

Control Structure

Variable - Scope and lifetime of variable

Built in Functions,Loops in VBscript

Procedure and userdefined Functions,Arrays and Strings


Data Types,Operators, identifiers

control structures ,Loops in Javascript

functions and Arrays,control flow statements,Errror handling.


Introduction to ASP Writing simple ASP Pages

Request and Response objects,Application and Session object

file inclusion,Tracking users,Sessions,Error handling.Database Handling

Course Duration 70 hrs 
Assessments Yes

 Written Exam : 100 marks Online Test :100

Total Marks : 200

Passing % = 50

Age appropriateness 16+ Years
Minimum Grade/Class Level Higher Secondary School
Daily Contact Hours 1.5 hrs.
Attendence compulsory
Certificate Certificate will be awarded to successful participants
Course Mentor  Bapat Seema

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