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Certificate Course in VB.Net Programming


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Course Description 

Introduction to VB.NET

Event Driven Programming .NET as better Programming Platform .NET Framework NET Architecture The Just-In-Time Compiler 1.3. NET Framework class library introduction

VB.NET Development Environment

Creating Applications Building Projects Using simple components Running VB.NET applications

Mastering VB Language

Data, Operators, Conditionals and Loops. Procedures, Error Handling, Classes and Objects

Windows Applications in VB .NET

Windows Forms Text Boxes, Buttons, Labels, Check Boxes, and Radio Buttons. List Boxes, Combo Boxes. Picture Boxes, Scrollbars, Splitters, Timer Menus, Built-in Dialogs Image List, Tree Views, List Views, Toolbars, Status Bar and Progress bars

Object Oriented Programming in VB .NET

Class and Object Properties, methods and events. Constructors and Destructors Method overloading Inheritance Access modifiers : Public, Private, Protected, Friend, Overloading and Overriding, Interfaces, Polymorphism

File handling

File handling using FileStream, StreamWriter, StreamReader, BinaryReader, BinaryWriter classes. File and Directory Classes

Databases in VB .NET

Database : Connections, Data adapters, and datasets, Data Reader, Connection to database with server explorer Multiple Table Connection Data binding with controls like Text Boxes, List Boxes, Data grid etc. Navigating data source Data Grid View, Data form wizard Data validation Connection Objects, Command Objects, Data Adapters, Dataset Class

Course Duration 70 hrs 
Assessments Yes
     Written Exam : 100 marks
Online Test :
50 marks
Project : 50 marks

Total Marks : 200
Passing % = 50
Age appropriateness 18+ Years
Minimum Grade/Class Level Higher Secondary School
Daily Contact Hours 1.5 hrs.
Attendence compulsory
Certificate Certificate will be awarded to successful participants
Course Mentor   Mrs. Bapat Seema

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