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Java Programming


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Fundamentals of OOP


What is OOP Difference between Procedural and object riented programming Basic OOP concept - Object, classes, abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism

Introduction to JAVA

History of Java, Features of Java ,JDK Environment Java Virtual Machine ,Java Runtime environment

Programming Concepts of Basic Java


Data Types in Java , Java coding Conventions ,Expressions in Java Control structures, decision making statements , Arrays and its methods

Java classes

Define class with instance variables and methods Object creation of class ,Accessing member of class Argument passing Constructors ,Method overloading Static members ,this keyword ,Wrapper Classes ,Garbage collection Inheritance

Super class & subclass ,Access Modifiers Abstract method and classes ,method overriding final keyword ,super keyword ,down casting and up casting dynamic method dispatch

Packages and Interfaces


Importing classes ,User defined packages Implementing interfaces ,User defined interfaces Adapter classes

Exception handling

Types of Exceptions try, catch, finally, throw,throws keywords creating your own exception ,nested try blocks multiple catch statements ,exception and inheritance user defined exceptions


Multithreading Concept ,Thread Life Cycle ,Thread Priorities Thread synchronization

 Abstract Window Toolkit

 Components and Graphics ,Layout managers Border ,Grid ,Flow ,Box ,Card, Gird Bag Containers, Frames and Panels ,Event Delegation Model, Anonymous Classes


Features of swing ,Swing components ,JButton,JRadioButton,JtextArea,JComboBox,JTable,JProgressBar, JSlider,JDialog Applets

 Applet life cycle,Creating applet ,Inter applet communication Parameters to applet , Event handling in applet

Java Utility Packages

 Hash table , Vector, Math,Enumeration, Iterator, System, Random, String,StringBuffer

Streams and File

 File class tests and utilities ,Stream classes ,InputStream , FileInputStream,,ObjectInputStream,OutputStream,FileOutputStream, ObjectOutputStream,DataOutputStream ,Reader and Writer classes Reader, BufferedReader , InputStreamReader, FileReader, Writer, BufferedWriter, FileWriter, PrintWriter, Serialization and de serialization


Course Duration 70 hrs 
Assessments Yes

 Written Exam : 100 marks Online Test :100

Total Marks : 200

Passing % = 50

Age appropriateness 16+ Years
Minimum Grade/Class Level Higher Secondary School
Daily Contact Hours 1.5 hrs.
Attendence compulsory
Certificate Certificate will be awarded to successful participants
Course Mentor  Mrs. Manjiri Paranjpe  



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