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National Seminar on

"Digital Transformation : Internet of Things(IoT)" on 23 & 24 Jan 2017

  • A two days National seminar was organized on “Digital Transformation : Internet of Things (IoT)” in association with Savitribai Phule Pune University under quality improvement Program on January 23rd and 24th 2017.
  • It was inaugurated by Hon’ble Adv.Shri.Sohanlalji Jain, Chairman, Managing Council, S.P.Mandali, Pune , Dr Deepak Shikarpur,IT Consultant having more than two decade experience, Adv.Damodar Bhandari ,Chairman, LMC, Naralkar Institute, Pune and Dr.G.K. Shirude, Director of Naralkar institute. There were 8 session in the seminar. A special session ‘On Cashless Transactions’ was conducted by Indian Bank. 30 students and 25 faculties from various Management Institutes and Industries attended this seminar.
  • Mr.Sachin Sadare, Consultant & Corporate Trainer,Mumbai , Conducted two sessions. In his 1st session he has covered Introduction to IoT
    - Introduction to digital technologies
    - IoT as a system of systems
    - Importance & impact of IoT
    - Emerging Trends.
  • In the next session he has covered
    Applications of IoT
    - IoT use cases
    - Application in agriculture, healthcare and retail.
    - New opportunities in IoTMr.
  • Prof.Dr.Santosh Bothe,Bharati vidyapeeth University,Pune, conducted session on "Futute of IOT "
  • Mr. Hrishikesh Kamat, Chief Executive Officer, Shalaka Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune.,conducted session on "Profit from IoT"
  • Mr.Rajesh Nagawade, Corporate Trainer,Pune shown live demo onPhysical Computing with Raspberry Pi GPIO .
    • Techniques to utilize hardware interfaces available on Raspberry Pi .
    • Awareness on programming involved in IoT.
  • Dr.Parikshit Mahalle, Head, Dept.Computer Engg., Sinhgad Engg. College conducted session on" Big Data Management in IoT "



National Seminar on

"National Seminar on ERP for cognitive empowerment "

  • A two days national seminar was organized on “Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Cognitive Empowerment” in association with Savitribai Phule Pune University under quality improvement Program on 5th & 6th March 2016. It was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Sachin Vernekar, Dean Bharati Vidyapeeth. Prof.Dr. Pramod Verma , Govt. Hamidia Arts & Commerce College, Bhopal and Mr. Vinod Parker, SAP consultant were present on this event. There were 8 session in the seminar. 30 faculties from various Management Institutes and 20 professionals from Industries attended this seminar.
  • Dr.G.K. Shirude,Director of Naralkar institute, in his opening remarks said that LPG policy has made a revolutionary change in Indian economic scenario. Change is inevitable even in technology. Globalization has made keen competitive environment in Indian industries. As a result today, standardized ERP systems are being used in a majority of enterprises. For example, more than 92 percent of all multinational industrial enterprises use ERP systems. He added that due to this mounting demand, there is a change in curriculum and courses and now academicians should be familiar with new changes, systems, concepts and it’s practical significance and this was the objective behind organizing this seminar.
  • Prof. Dr. Vernekar, Dean Bharati Vidyapeeth was the chief guest for the inaugural function.
  • Prof.Dr. Pramod Verma , Govt. Hamidia Arts & Commerce College, Bhopal, has explained various definitions of ERP,major reasons for adopting ERP, potential benefits, Implementation Approaches, major challenges to ERP Implementation.
  • Mr. Vinod Parker, having more than 3 decade experience in this field , given insight about ERP system. He has started with evolution of ERP and ended with current modules available in ERP. He has given the comparison of various ERP vendors, present in the market. He has covered basic business modules such as Sales and Distribution , Materials Management, Financial Accounting and Human Capital Management. He has explained workflows, how the data is stored, how the various important reports are generated. He has handled the technical subject very intelligently by giving various examples and shared his memorable experiences while using and implementing ERP’s for various clients. He explained the new technologies such as CRM, SCM , Hana, Cloud in connection with ERP.
  • For the valedictory session, Prof. Dr. Capt. C.M. Chitale, former Dean of Management faculty, Savitribai Phule Pune University, was the chief guest. In his address he has given lot of importance on cognitive empowerment of the employees. Success of ERP implementation depends on proper approach, training, motivation, positive attitude and guidance given to employees.He has discussed various problems faced when this ERP system was not in existence and how they were tackled.

State level Seminar on

"Cyber Crime Awareness" on February 5th and 6th 2016

  • A two days state level seminar was organized on “Cyber Crime Awareness” in association with Savitribai Phule Pune University under quality improvement Program on February 5th and 6th 2016. It was inaugurated by Mr.Shriniwas Rairikar, former Sr. Director of the MCCIA . Dr. Harold D’costa, Director, Intelligent Quotient Security System, Dr. Kirti Mahajan, Director, Students’ Welfare, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune (INDIA) , Adv. Ayudha Joshi, Miss.Shameeka Bhole and Ms. Anubala Thosar, member of cyber crime investigation team were present on this event. There were 6 session in the seminar.

    20 faculties from various Management Institutes , 10 professionals from Industries and 50 students from various institutes and colleges attended this seminar. The participants were from Pune, Pimpri, Nagar, Nashik, Bombay, Baramati, various cities of Maharashtra.

    List of Topics for the session were as follows

  • 1. Basics of Cyber crimes (Dr Harold D'Costa)

    2. Cyber Crime Investigation (Ms Shameeka Bhole)

    3. Cyber Forensics (Ayudha Thosar / Hiren Mangukiya)

    4. Website frauds (Dr Kirti Mahajan Joint Director Bharati Vidyapeeth )

    5. Information Technology Act (Ms Ayudha Joshi)

    6. Indian Evidence Act (Dr Harold D'Costa)

Faculty Development Pogrammes


Workshop on "Core Ruby"

  • "Core Ruby" workshop was conducted for 3 full days with 37 no. of faculty members Participating in it. All the sessions were conducted by Prof. Satish Talim, an expert authority in the subject. The programme was inaugrated by the following dignitaries.
    • Prof. Captain Dr. C.M.Chitale, Dean of Management Faculty at University of Pune.
    • Dr. S.B. Kolte, Director General of B.P.Hivale Institute of Mgt. studies and Career Development & Research, Ahmednagar.
  • On the last day book titled "Ultimate Guide in Ruby Programming" ,authored by Prof. Satish Talim, was released at the hands of Dr.P.C.Shejwalkar,Professor Emiratus.

Faculty Development Pogrammes


Workshop on " Ruby on Rails "

  • "Ruby on Rails" workshop was conducted for 3 full days with 25 no. of faculty members Participating in it. The sessions were conducted by Prof. Satish Talim and Prof. Gautam Rege, Director Josh Software.
    • Prof. Rege Sir taught MVC architecture, what is ROR, advantages of rails. Rails with webrick web server.
    • Prof. Satish Talim Sir covered SMTP class , socket programming., simple ruby tk application, date time server.
    • On the last day Prof. Rege showed how to develop web application using Ruby on rails.

Faculty Development Pogrammes

2 days FDP on Oracle 10 g and ERP implementation

  • Pune University has revised the syllabus of the courses like MBA,MCA and MCM. There was a demand from Professors and lecturers from different institutes to conduct FDP (faculty development program)
    • Dr.Deepak Shikarpur Chairman Board of studies computer science, Pune University was the chief guest for inaugural function of FDP.
    • Mr. JayPrakash Sharma Associate vice president at Zensar Technologies on “Oracle and Various Application”.
    • Mr. Rakesh kumar Singh from Zensar Technology, explained how to Managing the Oracle Instance, move data. How frequently backup should be taken. What is cold and hot backup.
    • Mr. Sanjeev chaudhary, CRM development Manager at Ansys Fluent India Pvt. Ltd. Pune conducted 2 sessions on ERP implementation
    • Mr. Rupesh Shah from seed info tech explained about salesforce and how it is used with cloud computing
    • Mr.Eknath Khedkar Dean of management Faculty, Pune University, was the cheif Guest for Valedictory session.

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