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Master in Computer Management (Equivalent to MBA- Computer Management) (MCM)


Credit Points: 100

"Fine Fusion of Information Technology & Management Skills" Result - 'Effective Professional'

Duration: Two-years, Full Time (Four Semesters)

Additional Input:- On-going Workshops, Guest-lectures, Personality Development Sessions, Seminars, Presentations, Case studies, Demonstrations etc. for making students aware of and competent for current tools and techniques in IT, from corresponding Professionals / E

Eligibility: Graduates possessing any statutory University shall be eligible for admission to the M.C.M. course.

Introduction : It is a comprehensive programme, which is a mix of Information Technology related and general Business & Management related courses. The Information Technology related courses include conceptual and hands-on exposure of standard and structured techniques of Programming, Web-support languages, Network Technology, Relational databases, Software Engineering and Software Project Management, Object Oriented Methodology, Mobile Computing Software Testing, Information Security etc. The general Business and Management Courses include Principles and Practice of Management, Organization Behaviour, Business Applications etc. In the second year, students are exposed to the Software Project development environment with special emphasis on Management Information Systems and Software Engineering for small and medium scale industries. These projects can be done to obtain live experience of software development. The project development would be mainly on software platforms like JAVA,.NET, ORACLE, ASP/JSP, Ruby, Linux, etc. Many-a-times, the companies which provide the project exposure to the students, place them by assessing their work performance. Course structure : Four Semesters comprising 22 subjects (2200 Marks) with a comprehensive Software Project Development (200Marks)

MCM: Semester-wise Course Curriculum is as under :

Semester ISemester II
101 Fundamentals of Information Technology
102 C Programming and Data Structure
103 Software Engineering with UML
104 DBMS
105 Soft Skills
106 Practicals (c and Case Tools)
107 Soft Skills Practical
201 BA and ERP Tools
202 PPM and OB
203 Advanced RDBMS using Oracle
204 Java Programming
205 Technical Help Desk
206 Practical(java & Oracle)
207 Sof Skills Practical - Group Discussion
Semester IIISemester IV
Select any one specialisation ( Three papers per specialisation)
301 Information Security and Audit
305 Web Designing snd Content Management
306 Specialisation Pracicals and Mini Project
307 Soft Skills Practical - Technical Writing
307 Practicals
NT Networking
NT302 Basics of Networking
NT303 Server and DeskTop Technologies
NT304 System Administration and Server Integration
SD Software Development
SD302 Program and Design with ASP.Net
SD303 Mobile Programming using Android
SD304 Advanced Java
ST Software Testing
ST302 Software Quality Assurance
ST303 Software Testing Processes & Documentation
ST304 Software Test Planning & Documentation
401 Current Trends in IT
402 Departmental Paper
403 Project
404 Soft Skill Praticals

Job Opportunities:- The candidates who successfully qualify this programme can seek the opportunities in large, medium and small scale IT industries. They are expected to work as Software Engineers or Programmers on various software platforms like JAVA, ASP/JSP, ORACLE, .NET, Ruby, etc.Some candidates can seek the opportunities for IT Management Trainees in large or medium scale Organizations. The interested candidates can also enhance their career by seeking opportunity for further higher education in UK or US with great confidence and efficiency. The opportunities are like Software quality engineers, Software Testing Professionals, Call Center Managers, Web Product Designers, Support / Software Maintenance Engineers, Software Security Professionals, Database Administrators, Academicians or Trainers etc.



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