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Master in Business Studies (MBS)


Credit Points: 30

Equivalent to Master in Business Administration (MBA) of University of Pune.

Enhance your career prospects while doing a job.

Duration: One Year, Two semesters, Part Time

Eligibility: A student seeking the admission to this course must have passed Two years Diploma in Business Management OR Two years Diploma in Management Science of any Statutory University.

Introduction : The programme has two semesters, each semester consisting of 5 Courses each.Student can opt for any one of the following specialisations
MKT : Marketing Management
FIN : Financial Management
IT : IT Management
OPE : Operations Management
HR : Human Resource Management
IB : International Business Management
SCM : Supply Chain Management
RABM : Rural & Agri Business Management
FBM : Family Business Management
TM : Technology Management

MBS: Semester-wise Course Curriculum is as under :

Semester ISemester II
101 Strategic Management
102 Enterprise Performance Management
103 FBM Start up and New Venture Management
103 FIN Indirect Taxation
103 HR Strategic Human Resource Management
103 IB International Business Environment
103 IT Software Project Management
103 MKT Services Marketing
103 OPE Operation Strategy
103 RABM Rural Marketing
103 SCM Strategic Supply Chain Management
103 TM Systems and Technologies for Knowledge Management
104 FBM Project Management
104 FIN Strategic Cost Management
104 HR Organisational Design and Development
104 IB International Financial Management
104 IT Enterprise Resource Planning
104 MKT Sales and Distribution Management
104 OPE Total Quality Management
104 RABM Agri Suppy Chanins Management
104 SCM Knowledge Management in Supply Chains
104 TM Innovation, Product Development and Commercialisation
105 FBM Business Plans
105 FIN Income Tax Part I
105 HR HR Audit
105 IB International Marketing
105 IT RDBMS with Oracle
105 MKT Product Management
105 OPE Producttivity Management
105 RABM Commodities Markets
105 SCM Purchasing and Supplier Relationship Management
105 TM Managing Innovation - I
201 Managing for sustainability
202 Start up and New Venture Management
203 FBM Interprenuership
203 FIN International fin
203 HR Global HR
203 IB Global Logistics and Supply Chains
203 IT Software Quality Assurance
203 Mkt International Marketing
203 OPE Toyota Production System
203 RABM Special Areas in Rural Marketing
203 SCM Supply Chain Planning
203 TM Technology Transfer and Commercialization
204 FBM Managing, Growing and Exiting The New Venture
204 FIN Income Part II
204 HR Employee Reward Management
204 IB Foreign Exchange Management
204 IT Information Security & Audit
204 MKT Customer Relationship Management
204 OPE Quality Management Standards
204 RABM ICT for Agriculture Management
204 SCM Supply Chain Coordination
204 TM Technology Use and Assessment
205 FBM Private Equity
205 FIN Finacial Risk Management
205 HR Change Management
205 IB Global Competitiveness and Strategic Alliances
205 IT Data Warehousing and Data Mining
205 MKT Retail Marketing
205 OPE WorldCa;ss Manufacturing
205 RABM Millennium Development Goals
205 SCM Supply Chanin Performance Measurement
205 TM Managing Innovations - II



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