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Autonomous Courses  

Certificate Course in ASP.NET


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Course Description 

Upgrading ASP to ASP.NET
ASP vs. ASP.NET, Upgrading HTML Pages to ASP.NET, Upgrading ASP Pages to ASP.NET
Creating Web Forms Applications
Creating an ASP.NET Web Application Project, Responding to Events, Where Does Processing Occur?, Namespace Fundamentals,M aintaining State Information
Creating a User Interface
Using Controls, Validating Data, Navigating Between Forms, Navigation Between Pages
Data Binding 
Bind Data to the UI, Transform and Filter Data
Storing and Retrieving Data with ADO.NET
Accessing Data with ADO.NET, Using Data Sets on Web Forms, Processing Transactions
Catching and Correcting Errors 
Using Exception Handling, Using Error Pages, Logging Exceptions
Web Services
Creating Web Services, Discovering Web Services, Instantiating and Invoking Web Services
Testing Web Applications
Creating Tests, Running Tests, Debugging
Building and Deploying Web Applications
Building a Web Application, Deploying a Web Application, Creating an Installation Program
Maintaining Security
Authenticating and Authorizing Users, Using Windows Authentication, Using Forms Authentication

Course Duration 70 hrs 
Assessments Yes

Written Exam : 100 marks
Online Test :
50 marks
Project : 50 marks
Total Marks : 200
Passing % = 50

Age appropriateness 18+ Years
Minimum Grade/Class Level Higher Secondary School
Daily Contact Hours 1.5 hrs.
Attendence compulsory
Certificate Certificate will be awarded to successful participants
Course Mentor Mrs. Bapat Seema

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